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Contest Theme - "An Army Marches on its Stomach.  A
history of Logistics"

This phrase, which reminds us of the importance that our forces will be will-provisioned. This has been
attributed to both Napoleon and Frederick the Great
This year we are looking for models of subjects that reflect this wisdom.
To qualify for the theme awards the entry must represent a subject that has as its primary purpose the
transportation of fuel, food. ammunition, spare parts and people
Examples would include a baggage cart from one of Caesar's campaigns, a WWII Liberty Ship or a C-47, and
the Space Shuttle
A model's configuration and markings will be considered in determining the theme eligibility, so a C-47 or
DC-3 would qualify, but the gunship version of these aircraft would not.
Additional, we will also consider entries that depict subjects whose primary purpose if the recover and/or
repair of other vehicles/vessels
Proof of eligibility for theme awards may be required

There will be two awards for theme this year, one for the military version and one for the Civilian version
Sunday, January 28, 2018